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About Us

DS-First, the immersive, interactive, and highly scalable streaming solution, is the brainchild of DirectStreams, a Paris-based global entertainment and technology solutions provider.
DirectStreams is a pioneer in delivering diverse digital experiences that leverage cutting-edge digital technologies. Technologies that simplify, streamline, and make it affordable for hospitality businesses to deploy, customize, and manage customer-facing entertainment systems effortlessly.

Our solutions elevate the experience of the end-users, i.e. guests and customers in the hospitality industry, by providing them precisely the entertainment they desire. When their experience is optimized, so is their customer satisfaction. For businesses (hotels, resorts, and others), this customer satisfaction translates into improved customer loyalty and brand awareness on social media.

We have designed our solutions to fuel the growth of international hotels, local chains, resorts and other hospitality businesses. We work closely with network and hardware providers worldwide to integrate our solutions into their hotel clients’ infrastructure, empowering such providers with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to bring them to the 21st century.

Our solutions are built to perform, no matter your size.

About DS-First

DS-First is the first of its kind IPTV solution that is disrupting the hospitality space. It aggregates all the modern live entertainment options – streaming services, live TV channels, and more – into a complete solution that is easy to manage for you and easy to access for your guests.

Think of a magic wand that enables you to determine the entertainment and device preferences of your guests at the click of a button. That’s DS-First!

Our Promise

DirectStreams builds digital solutions that help hospitality businesses delight their customers, inspire loyalty among them, and fuel the rapid growth of their revenues. With our 24x7x365 managed solutions, we take the hassle out of handling your guests’ entertainment. We allow you to give them thousands of TV channels and streaming services, so they feel-at-home with you. Every time.


It’s better than magic. It’s innovation!

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