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DS First

Discover the Most Revolutionary IPTV Solution on the Market

  • On-demand Entertainment for Guests
  • Cloud Hosted and Managed
  • Centralized Setup and Management
  • Fully managed and supported 24/7

the strengths

  • Device-less Experience
    Let your guests connect to Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay without placing the devices in their rooms.

  • Unlimited Guests
    Offer on-demand entertainment to as many guests as you like. DS First is truly limitless in every way.

  • Personalized Entertainment
    Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO GO, hundreds of TV channels, and more – let your guests enjoy what they love.

  • Incredible Cost Savings
    Maximize the utilization of devices by sharing them across rooms.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency, and Cost Savings

The days of worrying about your guests’ entertainment options are over. Forget cable TV subscriptions; forget international channels; forget streaming services. Give your guests everything they want without subscribing to any of them.

With DS First, your guests get the entertainment they love – when they want it. Our innovative on-demand IPTV solution needs you to deploy only 15% devices in ratio to the number of rooms in your property and serve 100% of the guests. That’s 85% hardware cost savings right there!

Our centrally deployed solution makes it easy for technical teams to troubleshoot the devices in a common room, without disturbing the guests in their place. Smooth customer experience, effortless management, and reduced entertainment costs – that’s how you win the hospitality business!


Explore the Exciting World of DS First

  • Centralized Access
    Install all Chromecast and Airplay devices centrally and allow your guests to connect to them from anywhere

  • Centralized Installation
    Troubleshoot, repair, and check device statuses in the centralized tech room without disturbing the guests

  • Cloud Management
    Use your centralized console to manage who and how many guests can connect to your streaming devices.

  • Universal Compatibility
    Guests can use their smart devices and computers to Cast or Airplay their content to their in-room TV.

  • Technical Support
    We offer direct technical support and can even train your local Wi-Fi and network partners to offer it to you.

  • Customizable Interface
    Customize your IPTV interface to suit your unique needs. Use the built-in templates to get started and then customize as you go.

More Than A Solution, It’s an Ecosystem

DS First’s ingenuity lies in the DirectStreams ecosystem of apps.

The ecosystem includes DS Digital Hub – a cloud-hosted content management system. A system that allows you to stream, publish, and manage your content across all connected devices at your establishment – in-room & commons spaces TVs, and more.

DS Connect, a complete self-service portal for your guests, allows them to connect to Wi-Fi and Internet. DS One enhances your guest experience by offering them contactless check-in, check-out, payments, concierge services, and more. Likewise DS Apps offer tremendous benefits for you and your guests.

Together, the DS suite of apps helps you elevate your guest experience, realize cost savings, and dominate your competition.

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