DS First Partnership Program

We Go Global, and You Get Rewarded

DS First offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Wi-Fi and Network services providers around the world. We are partnering with local providers to help us give our clients in the hospitality industry swift, responsive, and local support services.
In return, our partners get a fixed percentage of the revenues we make from the respective clients as commission. We grow, you grow.


  • Step 1: Acquire Customers
    Promote our DS First IPTV solution to your hospitality business client or a new hospitality business.

  • Step 2: Give Them Support
    Set up our solution on their premises, educate them on using it, and offer them satisfactory customer support

  • Step 3: Earn Commissions
    Earn a percentage share of the subscriptions paid by your referral client every month.

Why Partner With DS First?

  • Sales Guidance
    We’ll provide you detailed information on our popular IPTV solution to help you convert your prospects into customers.

  • Technical Training
    We’ll train your staff on all the technical aspects of our solution, so that they can provide timely customer support to your clients.

  • Goodwill
    Our solution drastically elevates the guest experience while saving money for your clients. Win your clients’ loyalty by recommending DS First to them.

  • More Business
    As our partner, you can serve more clients in the hospitality industry and win more business from them, besides earning more from your existing clients.

  • Rapid Growth
    Our IPTV solution is in high demand across the world. This translates to rapid growth for our local partners, who will be witnessing a jump in customer numbers.

  • Unlimited Opportunities
    There’s no limit to opportunities with us. Acquire and service as many customers as you can with us. You can even expand your operations to more geographies

What Are You Waiting For?

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